Our Tools

HDS provides a range of capabilities to its clients with the use of its proprietary tool kit. HDS GeoSCOPE’s data analytics and machine learning algorithms (the first steps in our ongoing AI R&D), are used to help our clients in their complex data driven organisations.

HDS GeoSCOPE is a proprietary application at the heart of HDS customer solutions, used for the interrogation, characterisation and organisation of large complex digital data sets and subsequent information & data management (IM/DM).





  • Batch scan capability to read and extraction of metadata from selected file formats

  • Semi-auto read and extraction of metadata from selected file formats

  • File Geo-Tagging

  • Auto metadata analytics

  • Multi language analysis capability

  • Multi format data visualisation


  • Increasing effective data access through:

    1. User defined / workflow driven virtual folder structures 

    2. Multiple data sources connection capability

    3. Ability to manage wide range of data types

  • Customisable multi format data visualisation

  • Client / server structure - a centrally managed solution

  • Rule based auto scan and metadata extraction

  • Mass tabular metadata can be loaded using pre-defined SQL script

  • Metadata editing and creation

  • Metadata tagging

  • Metadata editing and creation

  • Map visualisation function can be used to directly compare and scale un-referenced data with geo-referenced data 

  • Output files: metadata linked to underlying edited, conditioned and organised data in Database formats (sql/access/oracle)