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Hampton Data Services (HDS) was established in 1991 with a goal to help organisations accelerate commercial and technical business insights by automating ingestion, curation, discovery, preparation and integration from a disparate range of data sources.

We serve business decision makers by delivering decision ready data, which has been with the use of our expertise and tools, identified, cleansed and validated for the use of deep analytics.

The services we offer stretch the entire lifecycle of data management, from identification, indexing, characterisation and conditioning – “DCAS”, to autonomous and continuous and virtual management of your ever evolving and growing data sets – “VDM.” Our expert E&P consultants underpin this offering by providing expert consultancy services across database design and training through to general data driven project consultancy services.

Our use cases are broad, from M&A due diligence, day-to-day E&P operations, asset evaluation and divestiture, our solutions are flexible and scalable to meet our clients requirements.

We have been delivering data capture, characterisation and management solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, since 1991 and have developed a proprietary software platform with user input and machine assistance that

More than 100 international projects completed with customers from upstream E&P companies (NOCs, IOCs, independents, junior producers), Mining, Utilities and Financial service industries where are solutions have executed data capture and analytical projects autonomously, using 100% of available data and processed >10x faster than most alternatives.

If you are a decision maker looking to maximise the value of data to your organisation or harness the benefits of big data in real time, let Hampton Data Services take away your pain and allow you to focus on business growth and differentiation.

E: contact@hamptondata.com

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