Virtual Data Management (VDM)


  • Minimal IT costs in-house (and drives total IT cost reductions)

  • Keeps ALL data managed continually in real-time for all operational and evaluation needs, keeping it “evergreen” and ” validated” 24/7 and “operationally ready”

  • Data is always ready for M&A due dilligence, divestiture, farm-in, negotiations

  • Operates virtually & flexibly from anywhere, from multiple simultaneous locations

  • Allows users to continue working and creating data, information and knowledge

  • Users can focus time on evaluation and decision making activities, and not on IM/DM

  • Efficiently and thoroughly captures data, information, knowledge & corporate IP

  • Provides online “HDS Data Support Services” centre at fixed commodity charges on a per usage basis

  • Flexible approach to data configuration and set up based on the clients preference

  • Ability to provide management with data efficiency and quality metrics

HDS VDM offering provides organisations with 24/7 access to their data which is kept evergreen and continuously validated in the background.

Our VDM offering builds on and links directly to our Data Capture and Analytics Services. The objective of our VDM offering is to flip the 80/20 rule to allow our clients to spend 80% of their time on evaluation and not on identifying and validating data.

Our application is deployed in shared file systems, databases distributed on LAN, WAN or in a cloud environment using customer preferred data structures. Once the data is organised, cleansed and validated, our service will manage and update your data in real-time, therefore keeping it evergreen, validated and operationally ready 24/7.

We continuously scan your data for duplication, new data arrivals / creations / deletions and renaming, changes in file content or file movement.

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