As part of a new company formation, the client obtained a large diverse 17Tb dataset, comprised of 170,000+ files including seismic, well and production data, subsurface models, facilities drawings and ROV surveys to name a few.

HDS was engaged to provide data interrogation, organisation and management services to maximise the value of the database.


  • HDS performed rigorous and rapid integrity verification of the database within days.

  • Compared inventories with the database to identify gaps and data inconsistencies within days of project start-up, enabling timely vendor requests to be made, minimising DD process disruption.

  • This was achieved by HDS deploying its GeoSCOPE data management system to crawl and index the data content received.

  • Remapped the inherited taxonomy / organisation to the new owners system.

  • Made the data available to multiple remote teams for the client.

  • Maintained an “evergreen” database mapping access to new and legacy data within the same system.

  • GeoSCOPE’s data analytics capability was used for the indexing process and the software is continually being used for the on-going data management service.

Value Added

  • Minimal in-house IT costs and large total IT cost reductions.

  • Minimal IM/DM in-house cost.

  • Keeps ALL data managed continually in real-time for all operational and evaluation needs, keeping it “Evergreen” and ” Validated” 24/7 and “Operationally Ready”.

Waclaw Jakubowiczdcas, vdm